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Black and white photograph of a bicycle rider walking past a large puddle in New Delhi

61/ 100 Hunt for a Milk Shop

As soon as there first few fat raindrops landed in the dust that covered the streets the entire area transformed. Seemingly from nowhere, huge sheets of plastic appeared over chai stalls and over the gaudy displays of plastic goods lining the streets in this part of town. Cycle rickshaws attached flimsy screens, completely opaque from decades of use, to their roofs to offer some protection from the warm but torrential rain.
Indian coffee and chai tea shop in Delhi, India.

60/ 100 Indian Coffee

Imagine you have just arrived in New Delhi railway station after spending several hours on a train from Jaipur. You push your way through the thousands of passengers, sliding your bags through the security scanner. It isn’t even switched on, but a guard makes you do it anyway. You avoid making eye contact with the tourist-spotting touts vying for your business
Three old men stand outside a metal workshop in agra, India

59/ 100 Repairs

This photograph was made in Agra where, if you need a length of metal chain and some industrial-sized bearings (hand polished of course) you would be able to get them in the same street that sold all the heavy metal goods. We saw folk transporting their broken scooters, on oxen-drawn carts, to the part of town where the mechanics were based.
Boats on the river Ganges in Varanasi, India

58/ 100 Fishing for Oranges

We liked to get up early to go out and take photographs and make sketches of the edges of the river Ganges slowly coming to life at dawn. Even though the sun hadn't quite risen there were plenty of people already hard at work, doing things like washing clothes or ferrying people up and down the river on boats.
Place Lag. A night market in the streets of New Delhi.

57/ 100 Place Lag

Anyone who has flown long distances will have experienced jet lag. Your circadian rhythms cannot keep pace with the time differences and you want to be asleep when you should be awake, and vice versa. It’s miserable. I think Place Lag is much more enjoyable. It is an idea that modern technology can enable us to travel so fast that you can leave behind your own country and arrive in one so very different just a few hours later.
Sahil Wedding Band speakers in a corner of Udaipur

56/ 100 Indian Wedding Music

As I have said before, India is VERY noisy. There is the constant blaring of car horns and music and, if you make the mistake of visiting during wedding season as we did, there is the incredible wedding music to contend with too. It starts around midday and never ends. On many, many nights it was the last thing I heard before sleep finally washed over me, and even then I am sure it was permeating my dreams and giving me nightmares.
White wedding horse in a stable in India

55/ 100 Wedding Horses

One of the many wonderful cities we stayed in was Udaipur, a city of manmade lakes in Rajasthan. Unbeknown to us, our visit coincided with wedding season. Not only that, it transpired that our apartment was directly opposite the communal wedding grounds. People would hire the space - basically a very large and very dusty open air sports field - and spend the day decorating it before the festivities began very late that night.
Feral dog sleeping curled up against a pink wall in India

54/ 100 Indian ATM Machines

People often ask me why we want to go back to India again, for a third trip. There are so many reasons, but one of them is simply that you can use the knowledge you acquired on your earlier trips to make the subsequent one just that little bit easier. It is almost a waste if you don’t put your hard-won information to good use again. This doesn't only apply to India either and we often revisit places, enjoying them just that little bit more the second time.
A Green Scooter in India

53/ 100 Getting Money for a Taxi

India is one of those countries where you cannot get hold of their currency, the Rupee, anywhere outside of their border. Arriving on our second trip was easy because we were sure to keep a few hundred Rupees back from the first visit (don't tell anyone) but this time we had empty pockets apart from some Pounds and a few Dollars.
Immigration in Chennai Airport - photograph of Passport Stamps

52/ 100 Immigration in Chennai Airport

On this particular trip we flew into the hot and humid Tamil Nadu city of Chennai, fatigued and in need of a nice nap. As usual all the passengers disembarked the plane together in a large group like a flock of sheep. We all followed the travellers front of us, walking together through the airport until we were faced with a decision, splitting the group into two.
India Monsoon - The Ghats in Varanasi

51/ 100 Indian Monsoon

Every year in India, usually from June to September, there is a hot and rainy monsoon season. Each time we have visited we have taken care to avoid it by traveling in January and February but, in all honesty, I think I would like to go back again despite the stifling heat and relentless rain.
Dog and a Scooter outside a hair salon in Delhi, India

50/ 100 You Will Get Sick in India

Close to Varanasi is a wonderful place called Sarnath. There you will find a large collection of holy temples of various types and denominations, but the predominant one is Buddhist. There was a lot of conflicting signage and I will confess that I did not fully understand the importance of what is, essentially, a holy deer park except that at one time Buddha taught the Dharma there. But then I am not entirely sure what the Dharma is either.