Travel and Documentary Photography

Trevor Wilson Travel and Documentary Photography and writing
Travel and Landscape Photographer Trevor Wilson - Yellow Wall Cactus in Mexico

Always inquisitive, I love to document my travels and explore the world through photography and writing.

Indian coffee and chai tea shop in Delhi, India.
Three old men stand outside a metal workshop in agra, India

Growing up in a family that was continually moving from place to place sowed the seeds of my love for travel and I have since managed to organise my life to allow me to make many trips to fascinating places around the world as a travel and documentary photographer.

Photography has always been my hobby and that naturally progressed into being my main career for the past 25 years. I photograph weddings as my main line of work and I use my travel and documentary photography skills to document the journeys I make each year.

I really don’t photograph just one genre. I am not a landscape photographer, or a nature photographer, or a street photographer. Instead I simply arrive at a destination and make photographs of the things that, for me, make a place what it is. More recently I have also been writing about my experiences and you can find many short stories in the Travel Journal section of this site.