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Perhaps my biggest bugbear about photography these days is that people don’t print enough photographs. Somehow sifting through images on a mobile phone, or even a desktop computer screen, is no real comparison to seeing an image printed and sitting, in a larger format, right in front of you. Photographs tell a story and have so much beauty in them that can’t be seen on the screen of a mobile phone. So, I am seeking to change that by encouraging you to purchase photographic prints. They start at 30×20 cm up to a large 91×61 cm. For the prints themselves I prefer to use a giclee printing method onto semi-matt paper which produces very high quality, fine art prints for your wall.

Below, you can see a selection of my prints, all of which are limited to an edition of 50. This means that I keep a note of how many of each have sold and then, when I have sold 50, no more copies will be available. Not all of my photographs are available as prints as I have selected the images I think are the most suitable, however I will be continually adding to this portfolio as new photographs are edited. The photographs are all supplied as near as possible to the size ordered and will include a narrow white border around the outside to help with framing your artwork (the white border is in addition to the size of the image area).

If you have seen a print on this website, or on one of my social media pages, but you can’t find it for sale here please simply contact me and I will most likely be able to have a print made for you. Similarly, if you would like a specific size of print do not hesitate to let me know and I can get that organised for you.

Most importantly I would like to say thank you for supporting my work. If you are kind enough to purchase a print, know that it is the highest form of compliment that I can receive as a photographer and will enable me to keep travelling and making more photographs!