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The Bigger Picture

12 July, 2018

It’s been spoken about a million times before I am sure but I think the way we view the bulk of our photographs on mobile phones these days is changing photography, and not for the better. I, like everyone else, look at the vast majority of photography on Instagram but I am not sure that what makes an image successful on that platform is necessarily leading to better photography – you need a bigger picture. The screen size of phones is such that you cannot see many of the details and subtle nuances of some great photographs and that, I think, is a real shame. Look at what makes a popular image on Instagram and you will find that it is often a very simple, very striking, image or a picture of a saucy looking man or woman. Simple and striking images are great and are something that I too strive to create, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of the work that I, and a lot of other photographers, produce is also richly detailed and needs a bigger platform. One day I might have an exhibition of my travel photography work with large prints adorning the walls of a gallery somewhere but, for the time being, ditch the phone, move over to a desktop computer, make your browser window as big as possible and have a lot through a few of the images I’ve selected below at the size I intended them to be when I made them. The images below are just a small selection – you can view loads more in my online galleries.

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Waiting for a Fare

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View of Varanasi at sunset with hazy sky
Traveling to Varanasi

26 February, 2018

Scotland Wedding Photographer
Winter Wedding in Arisaig

19 February, 2018

Hindu Pilgrims bathing in the sea at Mahabalipuram
Arrival in India

16 February, 2018