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Boatman on the river Ganges in India

At the turn of the century I got married, bought a house and started what has turned out to be quite a successful career as a wedding photographer. I don’t do all the usual boring and super-posed wedding photographs. Instead I have always preferred to work in a documentary style, recording the day as it unfolds, which has made it pretty bearable really and stands me in good stead for being a travel photographer too.

Wedding photography is a good way for a photographer to make a living and I mostly do enjoy it. Especially more recently I have pushed towards photographing far more elopements and tiny weddings up n the mountains as opposed to great big full-day events in large hotels. This means that I have been able to get out and about in my home country of Scotland and work outside more which is a great thing as far as I am concerned. In terms of a career, photographing weddings has offered a hidden bonus. The fairly regular income and ability to schedule my own year of work enables me and my wife to travel quite a lot.

We both love to venture pretty much anywhere; most recently we have been to India and Marrakech. I would rarely call our trips holidays though, as we never seem to do much in the way of relaxing. Fiona, as a professional artist and myself, as a photographer, go off all over the world exploring and having little adventures just so that we can see other aspects of life and record our experiences in our own ways.

I never take the easiest path on my adventures. Instead I seek to find the hidden and unique aspects of the country that would be missed if I only stayed in fancy hotels and spent my days on guided tours or drinking cocktails on a beach. For me, some discomfort is the price I must pay for learning about a place and being able to have great stories to tell in the future. 

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I love dogs.
I am very nosey.
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I get sea sick ridiculously easily.
I despise the weather in Scotland where live.